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A Special thank you for all who participated in our Parent Resource Network event. Check back for additional information & our next date.

The Little Wings of Hope 3nd Annual Charity Golf Outing

Little Wings of Hope

Third Annual Charity

Golf Outing


Check back for updated information, date & location for our annual 
golf outing fundraising event! 

 Bethany R. Granata Endowed Scholarship at Caron Treatment Center. 

Your participation & contributions support chemically dependent youths on the journey to recovery.

We are seeking sponsors for our Golf Outing.

Contact us: Little Wings of Hope

Little Wings of Hope Vision Statement

Following the death of our daughter, Bethany, we wanted to reach out to other young adults whobethany1 struggle with chemical dependency to offer support and encouragement. Addiction affects many families and in many forms. Our goal is to support those who want help by providing information, encouragement and assistance through the Bethany R. Granata Endowed Scholarship at Caron Treatment Center. This includes financial help for young adults who seek treatment as well as encouragement for the parents and family members who are also affected. We believe that no matter what happened in the past, or what the current situation is, there is help available for those who truly want it. Little Wings of Hope is here to provide afflicted families with the resources needed to take the first step to recovery.


Please help us by donating to Little Wings of Hope.  With your support, we can help more young adults receive treatment for chemical dependency.  

Mission Statement

Through the Bethany R. Granata Endowed Scholarship, Little Wings of Hope aims to provide financial assistance and encouragement to young adults and their families as alcohol or drug addiction treatment is sought through Caron Treatment Center. We are also committed to increasing public awareness of chemical dependency issues by distributing information, providing education, and organizing community-based events.bethany 31 

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Friday, October 31, 2014